Dipl.-Soz. Matthias Huber

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Sommersemester 2018
150009 UE Quantitative Methoden in der Japanforschung - Einführung in die Sekundäranalyse
Huber, M 2017, International Survey Methodology: The Cases of Germany and Japan. in B Holthus & H Bertram (Hrsg.), (Forthcoming). Iudicum, Munich.

Huber, M 2015, 'Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitszufriedenheit in Aso. Panelbeitrag zum Panel 'Aso 2.0' auf dem 16. Deutschsprachigen Japanologentag' 16. Deutschsprachiger Japanologentag, München, Deutschland, 26/08/15 - 28/08/15, .

Holthus, B, Huber, M & Hiromi, T 2015, Parental Well-Being in Japan. Miscellanea, Bd. 19, Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien / Stiftung D.G.I.A., Tokyo and Vienna.

Huber, M 2014, 'Secondary Data Analysis. Interactive Lecture at the Workshop for Methods and Fields of Research in European Japanese Studies' Workshop: Methods and Fields of Research in European Japanese Studies: Bilateral Workshop in Cooperation with Nicolaus Copernicus University (Toruń/Poland), , Wien, Österreich, 8/07/14 - 10/07/14, .


  • Employee satisfaction
  • Organizational studies
  • Qualititive and ethnographic research
  • Structural equation modeling
  • Text mining, quantitaitive text analysis and machine learning
  • Multi-method research


Selected Highlights

  • Committed to developing improved methodologies, where instead of rehashing established findings, my research has earned respect for building customized organizational models.
  • Assessed and developed employee satisfaction and employee engagement using surveys and interviews, designing improvement programs based on cutting-edge research metrics and change management concepts (such as Kotter's 8-Step Change Model).
  • Planned and implemented all types of surveys, from traditional to online surveys, executing and supervising research methodically, including pre-testing, validation, distribution, collection, data entry, data cleaning/processing and analysis.
  • Developed and delivered content for classes in the fields of Data Processing & Analytics, Strategic HR, Organizational Culture, and Employee Engagement.
  • Served as an Educational Consultant for Development of Strategic and Global HRM courses, including "Global Megatrends" and CIPD-approved course "HRM in Context" at Singapore Management University.

Professional Experience

University of Vienna | Vienna, Austria | 2014 – Present
Research and Teaching Assistant (Ph.D.)

  • Built and managed social media presences for the department (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as a department-website (http://japan.univie.ac.at/en/).
  • Participated in survey research and various publications, working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines to understand, plan, execute and analyze numerous projects in the social sciences.
  • Organized workshops, including Methodology Workshops 2014 & 2015, attended by more than 100 scholars, specialists and top students.
  • Developed and taught classes on quantitative research methodology and academic writing to graduates, undergraduates, and professionals.


HapSat (Alias – Company Name Anonymized for Research Purposes) | Tokyo, Japan | 2016 – 2017
Action Researcher for Employee Surveys and Engagement Strategy

  • Served as the Contact Person and Internal Consultant for employee survey and engagement topics.
  • Integrated, analyzed and visualized employee data for management meetings, providing business insights to management.
  • Conducted and analyzed over 40 qualitative interviews (face-to-face) about corporate culture and employee satisfaction (mostly in the Japanese language).
  • Designed future employee surveys and developed, communicated and improved employee engagement concepts.


Black Moon PTE LTD | Singapore | 2012 – 2016
Associate, Research & Projects

  • Consulted with clients to provide expertise in survey design, survey operationalization, data analysis, statistical modelling, etc.
  • Served as an Educational Consultant for Development of Strategic and Global HRM courses, including "Global Megatrends" and CIPD-approved course "HRM in Context" at Singapore Management University.


Additional Experiences

German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo (Max Weber Institute DGIA): Research Assistant 2013 / Intern 2012

  • Processed dataset of over 4K German and Japanese parents (data cleaning, variable transformations, variable computations), and analyzed and visualized said dataset for survey reports and publications.

LMU Munich, Department of Sociology: 2011 – 2012, Qualitative Researcher

  • Research lead on a qualitative interview study with 14 local farmers; conducting scraping of information on plant breeding companies from online databases.

LMU Munich, Department of Sociology: 2011, Tutor

  • Planned and delivered a tutorial class "Social Structure of the GFR".

German Youth Institute: 2009 – 2010, Student Assistant

  • Conducted literature and dataset research, statistical analysis and visualization for the director's talks and publications.



University of Vienna: Expected Graduation 2019
Ph.D. in Japanese Studies/Social Sciences

Awards: 9-month scholarship for field study in Japan (see "Action Researcher" in the work experience section)

Project: Built a customized model for a Japanese MNC in my field study (Link):

  • Collected unstructured data from over 40 personal interviews and over 4,000 open-ended survey responses to find new predictors of employee satisfaction. Built categories based on word correlations, refining and expanding categories using theoretical (human) coding; training a supervised machine learning model to monitor employee satisfaction.


LMU Munich: 2012
Diploma (equivalent to M.A.) in Sociology, Minors in Economics and Philosophy

Grading: Graduated with a score of 1.5 (equivalent to a US GPA of 4.0 or UK First Class Honours)

Exchange Study: One-year scholarship exchange student at Osaka University: 2010-2011


Additional Credentials

Technical Skills

Regression (90/100), SEM (80/100), Factor Analysis (EFA/CFA) (80/100), Text Mining (80/100), test stats (80/100), R/SPSS/STATA/SPSS AMOS/MS Excel (90/100), MS Word/MS PowerPoint (90/100), MaxQDA/Atlas.ti/NVivo (90/100), Deltagraph (99/100), Adobe LR (90/100), Adobe llustrator/PS/ID/Acrobat (60/100), typo3 CMS/HTML5/CSS3 (60/100), Python (40/100), D3.js, (40/100), SQL (40/100)

LanguagesGerman (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Professional), French (Basic)


  • 2016-2017:   DIJ Tokyo Scholarship for Doctoral Students
  • 2016: Toshiba Foundation: Selected for 12th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students
  • 2013: DAAD Scholarship for Internships Abroad
  • 2010-2011:   LMU-PEP Scholarship for Partner Universities of LMU Munich
  • 2010-2011:   LMU-PROSA Scholarship of the State of Bavaria and DAAD

Volunteerism & Activities

  • Bandleader, Singer & Songwriter with Blurrd Minds, Incage and Solo. Topped the audience rankings of the world's biggest band contest (Emergenza) for a whole month in 2003. Three albums published.
  • Organized two editions of the local music festival "Gimme 5" (profits donated to Herzogsägmühle)
  • On-site disaster relief with CFO-Linkapil in Olongapo, Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013
  • Organized regular social theory discussion circle at LMU Munich

Universitäre Selbstverwaltung


Job satisfaction in context. On the construction of job satisfaction in a Japan-based MNC

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
5 Jul 2016

Forschungsmethoden und Praxis Zeitgenössischer Japanstudien

Huber, M. (OrganisatorIn)
4 Jul 20167 Jul 2016

Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitszufriedenheit in Aso

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
26 Aug 2015

Forschungsmethoden und Praxis zeitgenössischer Japanstudien

Huber, M. (OrganisatorIn)
1 Jul 20153 Jul 2015

Secondary Data Analysis

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
9 Jul 2014

Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitszufriedenheit in Aso

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
26 Aug 2015

Aktivität: AndereVortrag

Secondary Data Analysis

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
9 Jul 2014

Aktivität: AndereVortrag

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