Broken Texts, Broken Identities [Brüchige Texte, brüchige Identitäten]


Edited by Norbert Bachleitner, Ina Hein, Károly Kókai and Sandra Vlasta

Bachleitner, Norbert, Ina Hein, Károly Kókai and Sandra Vlasta (eds.)
2017 Broken texts, broken identities. Avantgardistic and exophonic writing from classical modernity to present [Brüchige Texte, brüchige Identitäten. Avantgardistisches und exophones Schreiben von der klassischen Moderne bis zur Gegenwart] (= Broken Narratives; 3). Göttingen: V&R unipress, Vienna: Vienna University Press.

Historical and cultural caesurae have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries, whereas the conventional narrative is faltering. The works collected in this anthology explore literary texts by avant-garde authors and female writers with a migrant background which not only represent these interruptions in continuity but also cause caesurae themselves. The avant-garde stylistically breaks with conventional narrative forms and expressions. The change from printed paper to screens and digital programming changes the way language is written and read. Migrant exophone authors write differently to female authors who operate in their home culture and use their first language, thereby defying clear-cut cultural attributions.

For Japanologists, the essay written by Ina Hein and Sadra Vlasta (comparative literature) will be especially interesting: „Narrating Fractures – Exophonic Writing in Levy Hideo's and Guo Xiaolu's Work [Brüche erzählen – exophones Schreiben bei Levy Hideo und Guo Xiaolu]“.

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