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Huber, M. (2017). International Survey Methodology: The Cases of Germany and Japan. in B. Holthus, & H. Bertram (Hrsg.), (Forthcoming) Munich: Iudicum.
Siegfried, F., Huber, M., & Gruber, D. (2017). Measurements of culture. Lessons from a cross-cultural study of consumer switching in the retail banking services sector.
Huber, M. (2016). Job satisfaction in context. On the construction of job satisfaction in a Japan-based MNC. Presentation at the 12th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students. 12th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students, Paris, Frankreich.
Huber, M. (2015). Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitszufriedenheit in Aso. Panelbeitrag zum Panel 'Aso 2.0' auf dem 16. Deutschsprachigen Japanologentag. 16. Deutschsprachiger Japanologentag, München, Deutschland.
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Huber, M. The Crisis of Perfection. A Cultural Sociological Analysis of the Japan-Image in Reports about the Tohoku-Earthquake in the German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Huber, M. (2012). Ethnographic Analysis of Farmers’ Perceptions of the Seed Industry in Germany": Unpublished Manuscript for the government-funded project Governance Geistigen Eigentums [Governance of Intellectual Property]. Munich: LMU Department of Sociology.
Huber, M. #PrayForJapan: Japan’s 2011 Disaster as a Twitter Event


Kulturelle Aspekte der Lebenszufriedenheit in Asien

Methoden der Interkulturellen Happiness-Forschung

Elterliches Wohlbefinden: Deutschland und Japan im Vergleich

Happiness in Interkulturellen Organisationen




2015 – 2018: PhD in Japanese Studies in the field of Sociology at University of Vienna (currently enrolled)

2006 – 2013: Diploma (equivalent to MA) with Major in Sociology and Minors in Economics and Philosophy at LMU Munich, Grade 1.5 (equivalent to “A” in the US, according to WES, or “First Class Honours” in the UK, according to UK NARIC)

2010 – 2011: International Student Exchange at Osaka University



06/2014: University Assistant (Prae-Doc) at University of Vienna; duties include teaching and the department’s public relations (ongoing until 06/2018)

12/2013: Freelance advisor for quantitative and qualitative research at Black Moon PTE LTD Singapore (until 06/2014)

12/2013: Freelance advisor for teaching and course development in Singapore; co-developed courses include “Global Megatrends” and the CIPD-certified master-level course “HRM in Context” at Singapore Management University (until 06/2014)

04/2013: Freelance advisor for quantitative research and data visualization at the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) Tokyo (until 11/2013)

02/2012: Intern of the Deputy Director of the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) Tokyo (until 07/2012)

01/2012: Student researcher for the government-funded project “Governance Geistigen Eigentums [Governance of Intellectual Property]” at LMU Munich (until 12/2012)

10/2011: Tutor for the lecture “Social Structure of the FRG” held by Prof. Dr. Josef Brüderl at LMU Munich (until 02/2012)

10/2009: Student Assistant for Prof. Dr. Thomas Rauschenbach, Director of the German Youth Institute (until 10/2010)

01/2009: Moving and restructuring of the Institute of Sociology’s Library at LMU Munich (until 04/2009)

10/2005: Marketing-internship for the food delivery service Amperhof GbR (until 03/2006)


Scholarships Awarded

10/2016: DIJ Tokyo Scholarship for Doctoral Students (9 months)

07/2016: Toshiba Foundation funding for the 12th EAJS Workshop for Doctoral Students (4 days)

04/2013: DAAD Short-term Scholarship for Internships Abroad (3 months)

09/2010: LMU-PEP Scholarship for students at LMU partner universities abroad (1 year)

09/2010: LMU-PROSA Scholarship for students abroad, funded by the State of Bavaria and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (1 year)


International Experience

02/2013: Lived in Manila (PH) (until 06/2014), with intermediate stays and telecommuting to Tokyo (J) and Singapore

2012 - 2014: Various work-related short-term stays in Japan and Singapore

09/2010: Research and student exchange at Osaka University (J) (until 09/2011)


Universitäre Selbstverwaltung

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Conference Participations

(2014, July) Secondary Analysis. Presentation at the Workshop for Methods and Fields of Research in European Japanese Studies, Vienna, Austria.



Job satisfaction in context. On the construction of job satisfaction in a Japan-based MNC

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
5 Jul 2016

Forschungsmethoden und Praxis Zeitgenössischer Japanstudien

Huber, M. (OrganisatorIn)
4 Jul 20167 Jul 2016

Arbeitsmarkt und Arbeitszufriedenheit in Aso

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
26 Aug 2015

Forschungsmethoden und Praxis zeitgenössischer Japanstudien

Huber, M. (OrganisatorIn)
1 Jul 20153 Jul 2015

Secondary Data Analysis

Huber, M. (VortragendeR)
9 Jul 2014

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